3 Yr Old Needs 80 Stitches After Dog Attacks Her

A bitter family row has emerged after it was sparked when a girl aged 3 was left requiring eighty stitches in her face after being mauled by a husky dog in her grandmother’s home.


Madison Green had to endure a 2 hour operation after she was attacked by the pet husky when she was being taken to bed at her grandmother’ home in Newport, South Wales.


Despite the attack on Maddison, her grandmother’s partner refused to have Zeus, his dog, put down.



If the dog had attacked her in public it would have been put down; however, since it occurred on private land, the law did not apply.




28 year old Craig Green said that he could not believe that nothing could be done to prevent the dog that attacked Maddison from attacking again. Also, he could not believe that a man he referred to as granddad put his dog first.


Mr Green wanted the dangerous dog laws to be changed so that husky could be destroyed.


He added that the owner of the dog told them that there was no need to putting down his pet as the attack had already occurred. Green considered this ridiculous since Maddison could have been killed by husky.


It is estimated that over 6,400 people in the UK are admitted in hospitals because of life-changing injuries to micro-surgery caused by dog attacks every year. Of these, one in six fatalities is below ten years.

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