4 Yr Old Boy Has Psychic Powers – Real Life Sixth Sense

The parents of a boy aged 4 have told how their son has unbelievable psychic powers echoing the film The Sixth Sense played by character Cole sear.

Greg, 40, and 38-year-old Heather Howell, from Naples, Florida, said that they detected their son, Elijah’s odd behavior from a young age. In fact, he began talking in complete sentences at 10 months old and would even speak to his dead grandparents. A psychic professional afterward confirmed Elijah’s supernatural skills.


Mrs Howell said that the baby went on to rightly foretell her miscarriage and that she would deliver twin boys.

The Howells requested Denise Lescano, a psychic professional to determine if their son was exhibiting signs of mental sickness or truly seeing spirits.


During Ms Lescano’s visit with the family, she conversed with the dead parents of Mrs Howell to reach the bottom of the mystery.


The psychic expert discovered that Mrs Howell’ mother, the grandmother of Elijah, was the one who told Elijah about the miscarriage and twins birth.



She added that Elijah exhibited all signs of being an extremely gifted youngster with the ability to link with the spirit world.

Ms Lescano left the Howells with orders regarding how to handle Elijah’s communications with the spirit world.

In addition to working with families, Ms Lescano, who believes since she was 9-years-old she has been psychic, has spent years helping law enforcers by using her psychic powers to solve missing persons and murders.

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