4 Yr Old Girl Gives Heroin To Classmates

A 4-year-old girl turned up at a nursery school with 200 bags of heroin and offered them to her classmates like sweets.

Shocked teachers alerted the cops shortly before noon on Monday after they saw kids with wraps of heroin.


The kid’s mother, 30-year-old Ashley Tull, was detained and charged with 3 counts of endangering a child’s welfare and maintaining a drug property.

Detectives said the stuff was tested and verified to be heroin.

Cops said the young girl brought to school by mistake a backpack having the heroin after her usual bag was destroyed by a family pet.

Officers said the kid thought the packets of the white stuff were candy.

Several kids from the nursery were rushed to the hospital as a precautionary measure; however, were later given a clean bill of health.


A total of 249 heroin bags were recovered by cops, weighing 0.13 ounces.

Ashley, who also has an 11-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy living with her, was released on $6,000 bail while the kids are in the custody of a relative.

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