7 Yr Old Boy Forced To Marry A Stray Dog

A young boy has been forced to marry a female stray dog, as his family think it will fend off evil spirits.

Mukesh Kerayi, 7, resides in the intensely superstitious rural village in eastern India called Manik Bazar.


As stated by his parents and grandparents, his horoscope forecasts his first wife will die young.

So in order to prevent such a misfortune, they put a female dog in a wedding dress and made it the first wife of Mukesh.

Similar to an ordinary wedding, villagers cheered and danced in celebration of the boy and his new ‘bride’.


The canine was allegedly kicked back onto the streets after the ceremony.

Mukesh-Kerayi_bThe government of India is still attempting to educate tribal and rural communities that these acts of superstition are wrong.

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