American Cop Charged With Helping ISIS

In the first case of a US cop charged with helping Islamic State, a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority officer was arrested for giving medical support to the terrorist group, the Justice Department stated.

The FBI arrested Nicholas Young, 36, on Wednesday, but was on police radar since 2010, as stated by an affidavit released with his arrest.


There was no proof of any threat to the DC Metro system. Nicholas will make his first appearance in court later Wednesday, as stated by two law enforcement officials.

He would be the first cop in the US arrested and charged with helping ISIS.

Nicholas has been in contact with undercover informants and undercover law enforcement officers since 2011 and was interviewed as early as 2010 his relationship with a friend, Zachary Chesser, who pleaded guilty to helping a foreign terrorist group, based on court documents.


Additionally, Nicholas allegedly met many times with Amine El Khalifi before el Khalifi was arrested in 2012 for plotting to execute a suicide bombing at the US Capitol building.

In 2014, Young as well started meeting with an informant who convinced Nicholas he was traveling abroad to join Islamic State in Syria, as stated by the FBI. Once Nicholas believed that had taken place, the FBI started communicating directly with Nicholas electronically, posing as the informant.

The core charge of material help came from Nicholas allegedly purchasing gift cards to help ISIS through mobile messaging accounts. He sent the gift card codes to the individual he thought to be in Syria in late July.


Nicholas as well traveled to Libya in 2011 and attempted to go a second time, informing law enforcement he was working with rebels to overthrow Moammar Gaddafi, based on the court documents. Many times he allegedly emphasized desires to attack, law enforcement, stockpile weapons and cautioned others regarding being watched.

Nicholas was a Metro cop since 2003; however, was sacked after his arrest, as stated by Metro Transit Police.

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