American Scientists Admit That Cannabis Does Kill Cancer Cells

It is official; cannabis does kill cancer cells.

There have been rumblings previously; following news that researchers have carried out tests with the drug, and currently the American government has 100% validated the reports on their site.


The National Cancer Institute, part of the American Department of Health currently alleges that “cannabinoids could be beneficial in the treatment of the ill effects of cancer and cancer treatment” by spraying it beneath the tongue, consuming it in baked beans, smoking or even drinking herbal teas.

Though they are also keen to stress that cannabis has only demonstrated these effects on mice and aren’t yet prepared to endorse the drug for human use in combating cancer, the reports will, however, be an enormous step in the battle for people who wish to see the drug legalized across America.

Given all those earlier examples of the health advantages of marijuana, it isn’t surprising that the website as well lists many other uses for marijuana, which include easing muscle spasms brought by multiple sclerosis, blocking cell growth, antiviral activity, anti-inflammatory activity and stopping blood vessels growth that supply tumors.



Though Cancer Research noted that there isn’t yet enough proof to ascertain whether cannabis may be effectively put to use for cancer treatment, this may be a huge moment in the fight against the illness.

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