Anonymous Has Declared War On Sam Pepper

Anonymous has warned YouTuber Sam Pepper he will incur their wrath if he doesn’t remove his latest video that sees him pretending to kill somebody.

Former Big Brother Sam triggered outrage yesterday for the footage that showed him tricking a man into thinking he had just seen the murder of his best pal.


Following the rage on social media hacking group Anonymous, who have earlier declared a web war against Islamic State, wrote on Twitter: “Bulletin: Sam Pepper has precisely 24 hours to remove the video titled “ Killing Best Friend Prank’ or he will bring upon himself Anonymous wrath.

Sam, who brought about rage in 2014 with a grouping footage, stars in the chilling video Viners Sam Golbachh and Colby. Colby was aware of the prank; however, Sam was totally uninformed it was all a joke.



In the clip, Sam is abducted and put into a car’s trunk with a hood over his head.

The subsequent scene sees him tied to a chair on a rooftop spot while Sam seems to shoot his best pal of 5 years, Colby, in the head.

Unsurprisingly Sam is greatly distraught by what he witnesses and is caught on camera weeping hysterically.




Colby and Pepper lastly disclose the entire thing is a prank and try to comfort an overwhelmed Sam.

Amazingly Sam appears to forgive his friend and Pepper, and in a video filmed a few days after he stated: “That was insane. Props to you guys that was crazy.”

In a post on Twitter Sam said again that he wasn’t mad at the duo.


The clip triggered outrage on social media with many people taking to Twitter to query why Pepper would make such a clip.

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