Baby Born With Adult Size Head – Rare Condition

Baby Lydia Rankin has a rare condition that has seen her go through over forty surgeries.

The little girl was born with an adult sized head weighing over 11lbs and she cannot talk or walk.

Medics cautioned the infant’s parent Paul, 42, and Ruth, 40, that Lydia would not survive being born and is she did they only stated she would live for a couple of weeks maximum.


At Ruth’s twenty-week-scan doctors found the unborn infant’s brain abnormality and presented her a termination that she declined.

The former dinner lady stated that from the time she felt her strong kicks she knew her daughter was going to be a fighter.

The little girl has Alobar holoprosencephaly that is a life-limiting disorder that sees the two front lobes in the brain tend not to divide during development.

Lydia, who is now 4, cannot move her legs and arms as the condition implies that the brain is not transmitting signals.


As though that was not enough Lydia as well struggles with hydrocephalus, an accumulation of fluid that makes the head get bigger.

In spite of having to go through operations, Lydia’s mother states she is still smiling and loves life.

Ruth, who is as well mother to Joseph, 11, Joseph, 15 and Dylan Disley, 21, added: “The twenty-week scan where we detected the condition was just before Christmas.

Ruth and her husband, a former, baker, have quit their jobs to be Lydia’s around the clock careers.

She’s fed via a tube and has to take six different types of medication three times a day.

For the past year Lydia, who adores Tangled and Frozen, has as well been experiencing seizures and has been identified as having epilepsy.


The family is fundraising for a standing frame for the little girl so she does not have to sit in the wheelchair throughout the day, a specialist system to make straight her head while she sleeps and a sensory area for her, equipped with fiber optic lights.

Overall, the equipment will cost $5,200 so the family has created a GoFundMe page referred to as “Lydia’s specialized equipment” to assist with costs.

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