Baby Boy Gets His Head Re-Attached After Horrible Car Crash

Doctors managed to reattach a baby boy’s head to his body after he was almost killed in a car crash.

Sources say that Australia’s Rylea Taylor was driving her son Jaxon, 16 months, and daughter Shayne, 9, to their home on 15th September when her car was hit by another in a head-on crash.


Jaxon.s head got separated from his spine, rendering the boy internally decapitated. He was airlifted to a medical center in Brisbane and placed in a medically-induced coma for 3 days.

From all the injuries of Jaxon’s kind, spine surgeon Dr. Geoff Askin termed Jaxon’s the most terrible he ever came across.

However, Askin and his team managed to use wire, together with a piece of the boy’s rib, to rejoin the vertebrae.



After 6 hours of operation, Jaxon was placed in a halo, a gadget used to stabilize and straighten his torso. Jaxon will only require putting on the device for 8 weeks.

Shayne suffered internal bleeding and broken vertebrae. She went through over 3 hours of operation to prevent the bleeding and was placed in a body brace for 8 weeks.

Rylea Taylor since began a petition to call for demand stricter punishment for reckless motorists.

The vehicle that hit her was driven by a teen doing doughnuts with two pals just outside a bend in the freeway.



However, when she spoke to cops, Rylea was sickened to learn, since Australia’s irresponsible driving laws.

On her page, Taylor wrote, reckless driving laws differ according to the location of the crash, the teenagers’ punishments will probably add up to suspensions and fines of their licenses.

Taylor added she can no longer watch her kids play without having to worry regarding their injuries.

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