Beyonce’s New Album Catches Fans By Surprise

Fans around the world were surprised when Beyonce released on her Instagram account, a 15 second video for a new album that she is working on.


To their surprise, it was announced that the ‘visual album’ was on iTunes.

In Beyonce’s Facebook page, she gave details that it was to bring music back when it was visual glory, the time Michael Jackson and crew amazed people in the 1980’s.


Beyonce added that when she is connected to something, she sees a visual instantly. In other words, she sees a series of images which are tied to emotion or feeling.

She explained that watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller on TV, with her family members huddled together was a feeling of magic, which BEYO_Acannot be seen nowadays where there are hype and ten second singles.

The singer and her team started to record her 17 music videos for every track. The album will have mp3 versions of her songs for fans that might not have time to sit down and watch for long hours.

Apart from her husband Sean Carter (Jay z), Drake and her daughter Blue Ivy, the album is full of some of the biggest celebrities, not to mention the Carter clan.

Both the audiophiles and the Queen Bey devotees will be interested to watch the videos because of the powerful insights they have.

The release of her 5th album has picked up amazingly fast, despite the hype surrounding, and the lack of notice to her album. Three tracks in the album have taken the top place on Twitter all over the world in less than 2 hours.

The fans too have expressed their love to the great singer.

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