Blind Man Social Experiment

Pretending to be blind while holding a winning lottery ticket, a Los-Angeles-based prankster has performed a social experiment to check out who is greedier with regards to money, the poor or the rich.

YouTube vlogger going by the username Johal and prankster Jag Singh, lately posted a concealed cam video of him donning shades and holding a cane requesting members of the public to see if his lottery ticket is a winner or not.


Interestingly, the experiment demonstrated that homeless people, though they desperately wanted the $500 that the ticket assured, tended to be more truthful compared to people from “rich areas” of the city with one of the people in the clip basically strolling away with the reward, and one more ‘kindly’ offering to help dispose of the “not lucky” ticket.

Homeless individuals who were spotted on camera, however, not only failed to ditch the young blind man who would undoubtedly have been able to do nothing if they had made the decision to vanish; however, they were as well genuinely pleased for him.

As a gift for being so sincere and helpful, they each got $10 that came at the perfect time; one of the homeless guys admitted that he had not eaten since the previous day.


Jag Singh said that he was truly astonished by the results of the experiment.

This is not the first social experiment of the sort. A New York prankster, donned as since a homeless person, requested money sitting on a street first with a sign stating that he was a single dad and a young girl sleeping on his laps and then with a different sign, reading: “Homeless need money for alcohol, drugs and weed.” The drug-user version of the prankster received more sympathy among people passing by.

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