Brave Man Attempts To Catch Woman Falling From Building

While most people would likely freeze and panic if they saw a person falling from the eleventh floor of a high-rise building, one daring Chinese man took swift action and, in fact, put himself in harm’s way to attempt to catch a woman as she was plunging to the ground in Enchi City in central China’s Hubei Province.


The man is being hailed as a hero following his unbelievable actions of unselfishly trying to break the woman’s fall.

Sources say the man, identified as Mr Feng, was leaving a restaurant when he heard shouts and swung into action.

Unfortunately, the height of the plunge was so great that Feng could do little to save the woman; he was knocked unconscious by the sheer force of the impact and sustained several injuries.

Sadly, the woman didn’t survive the plunge.

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