British Sniper Kills 4 Isis With One Bullet

In August, a British SAS sniper killed 4 ISIS militants and rescued twelve hostages when he struck a fuel tank from long range, Sources report.


The jihadists were going to execute the hostages, captives, 8 men, and 4 women, using a flamethrower in northern Syria. The Special Air Service sniper locked target 1,640 yards away and struck the flamethrower’s fuel tank using his Barrett.50 caliber rifle.

The explosion allegedly turned the head executioner into a “human fireball.” Three other terrorists as well died, while all hostages are captives are thought to have to escaped alive.

The anonymous sniper was part of a Special Forces squad keeping track of “high-value” Islamic State militants in Syria. The squad had received a tip regarding the head executioner’s whereabouts before successfully killing him.

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