Bruce Jenner Stole Kim Kardarshian’s Outfit

There has surely been a fair share of tantrums and tears between Kim Kardashian and her siblings over Bruce Jenner chance to be a woman.

However, there have been a few light moments, too.


In the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim shrieked with shock as Bruce confessed that he has put on one of her dresses before.

In a scene, which saw Kim help Bruce select clothes for him, she asked whether he had been imitating her style.

Kim screeched in shock, but could as well be seen smiling as she kept on going through choices of dresses for Bruce.



The scene comes after Kim lately disclosing that she has currently seen Bruce as a woman, and Bruce having a new name.

Kim talked with co-host Billy Bush to talk about Bruce’s change to female from male and the reaction of her loved ones in what is christened as her most ‘disclosing interview’ ever.

Kim admitted that the present talk in the reality show broods is the moment Bruce does transition to she from he.




On 24th April, Bruce confirmed his transgender identity during a 20/20 tell-all with Diane Sawyer, where he confessed that a female name was already selected.

And Kim additional reaffirmed it when questioned if she knew exactly what that new name was.

Kim as well shared a picture collection on her account on Instagram with a warm dedication to Bruce.


During part one of the show, Kim said that her stepfather sees her as the representative to talk about matters associated with his change with the media.

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