Bullies Beat Up Poor Defenceless Boy

A distraught mother described her rage when footage of her son aged 12 getting beaten up was posted to Facebook.

The vicious footage was recorded by the teens who attacked Josh Cooper and shows him being punched and wrestled to the ground continuously around the head as he tried to shield himself.


Josh’s pal attempted to protect him; however, another boy threw him to the ground, and the attacker, who is believed to attend Josh’s school, pushed him over and began brutally punching him on both sides of the head 20 times. The attacker aged fifteen then escaped the scene.

Around forty other teenage girls and boys amassed around to watch the fight, then a girl aged 12 uploaded the clip to Facebook, where it was seen by Josh’s distressed mother.

The attack took place in Wath, South Yorkshire. Josh was left bruised and battered and was rushed to Rotherham General Infirmary. They allowed him to go home on the same evening, but he was left concussed.

Josh’s mom added that his son had been made to rewatch the clip many times by the cops.


South Yorkshire Police warned the attacker; however, Miss Cooper believes her Josh has been treated like he was the one who had done something wrong.

Her mom said the physical scars have healed, but the emotional scars are still there. Her son does not even want to walk to the shop by himself, and currently walks a long way to reach school.

Josh is currently looking for help from a specialist victim support service to help him with his recuperation.

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