Burger King Admits To Using Horse Meat In Their Burgers

Burger King has confessed that it had been selling Whoppers and burgers having horsemeat, in spite of 2 weeks of denials.

The fast food chain that has over 500 UK stores had previously offered a series of total guarantee that its products weren’t involved.


But new tests have disclosed these assurances were wrong in a disclosure, which threatens to destroy the trust of consumers.

It as well raises serious questions regarding whether the food company that sells around roughly 1 million burgers weekly in Britain, has any good idea in regards to what in used in its products.

The unhygienic burgers were produced by the Irish-based processing firm, Silvercrest that is part the ABP Food Groups.

The same firm as well produced tainted burgers for the Co-op, Tesco and Asda, among others.


Burger King has faced accusations of devising a conspiracy of its connections to the horsemeat scandal so as to give it time to look for an alternative supplier.

It’s now shipping burgers in tens of thousands from suppliers in Italy and Germany so as to meet demand at its outlets in Britain.

It’s known that the management at Silvercrest has been making use of a variety of non-accepted ingredients in their burgers for an array of household name brands.

These are meat off-cuts, which include horse, which were imported from Poland in huge frozen blocks.

The contamination has been happening since at least last May and possibly for approximately 12 months, based on facts shown to MPs.


The contamination scandal was first triggered 14 days ago, with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland disclosed it had discovered horse meat in burgers sold in Britain and Ireland.

Jeanette Longfield, of the campaigning food and health group, Sustain, has criticized Burger King’s dealing with the issue.

Aldi confessed for the first time that burgers sold through its UK stores were as well likely contaminated with traces of horse meat.

Its burgers were produced by a UK supplier, Dalepak that is based in Richmond, north Yorkshire.

The same firm produces burgers for Iceland that has as well confessed to discovering horse meat in products offered for sale to families in this country.


Dalepak as well produces burgers for Sainsbury and Waitrose’s that both maintain that their burgers are free from contamination.

The processing firm is a subsidiary of the Irish firm, ABP Food Group that as well owns a second burger making company that is Silvercrest, in southern Ireland.

Aldi stated that a sample of its frozen Oakhurst Beefburgers emerged positive for 0.1% horse DNA, whilst its Oakhurst Beef Quarter Pounders were 0.1% pork and 0.1% equine.

The firm pulled out all of its frozen burgers from British outlets when the scandal first erupted 2 weeks back as a safety measure.

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