Cannibal Crocodile Attack Caught On Camera

Crocodiles are well known for taking a bite out of anything they can get their many teeth into but now a shocking video has shown they even feast on each other._87011586_095e9333-7d77-4923-9002-2f4190e1b10d (1)An Australian woman captured the “horrifying” moment of a crocodile cannibalising another crocodile in Rinyirru National Park._87008143_87008142These violent pictures went viral after they were shared by the Queensland parks agency but the woman who took them, Sandy Bell, told the BBC she had no idea how much attention they had received.

The images were taken in October during Ms Bell and her son’s ongoing trip around Australia._87009713_img_8475She described the event as taking about 10 – 15 minutes in which a bigger crocodile started “flinging the smaller one around, splashing it into the water. Then it started eating the tail, and then the legs. Just… chomp chomp chomp.”

The park agency said the crocodile in question was probably a saltwater crocodile and that is it fairly common for males of the species to attack other males during mating season, which is when the photos were taken.


By Danny Burke


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