Celeb Pic Mocking Challenge Goes Viral

This person seems to have taken the word challenge quite seriously. Celeste Barber is up for some fun with the celebs and their pictures. She has replicated the pictures using the hash tag #CelesteChallengeAccepted.

Replicating the picture of supermodel Gisele Bundchen feeding her baby and getting hair and makeup done at the same time is funny to a fault.


Next is Serena William’s picture replica gone hilariously absurd.


Do we all look at Nicki Minaj the same way?

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Funny part of this Justin Bieber’s recreated picture is not the knife. I see 1+1=2 written on her chest with a marker or something that makes me laugh.


Look whose lazying around in the pjs? Yeah we learnt she looked stunning too.


Is her hair looking hot or not so hot?



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