Couple Caught Having SEX Behind A Dumpster

Posted on Mar 21 2014 - 4:45am by Sarah

This was an embarrassing moment for a couple after they were spotted having sex behind a dumpster.

A passerby spotted the man and woman making out behind the two dumpsters.


He recorded the incident and posted the video online for all to view. The clip was captured on St. Paddy’s Day with the caption Newark Delaware dumpster couple.

Currently, officers in Newark were requesting people to assist in identifying the two suspects, who carried out a lewd act in broad daylight.


The moment the woman saw that she had been seen without pants, she dashed and took cover behind a second dumpster while speedily getting dressed. Police were searching for a college-age white male having brown hair.


He was last spotted donning khaki pants, a green button down shirt and brown boots.

The woman was said to be also a college-age white female having blond hair. She was last spotted donning denim shorts, brown glasses, a green short-sleeved shirt and cowboy boots.

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  • DrTEJ

    The chick could have been working to finance her education.
    The dude was “drunk as a skunk and now twice as funky”!