Demon Alien Shark Captured

Last week the sweltering depths of hell opened in Los Cabos, Mexico and spit out a nightmare-triggering shark. For the past couple of days, researchers were totally puzzled, uncertain regarding what this alien-like shark might be.


The sea creature was caught on board the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet in Los Cabos in 370ft of water on board the Dr. Pescado boat by Jamie Rendon.

After days of being unsure of what this shark is we can all rest easy, researchers currently think that this is an albino swell shark.



When East Carolina University shark researcher Chuck Bangley first saw the creature being circulated on Twitter, he tentatively classified the strange specimen as a swell shark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum), saying that it may be albino, or uncommonly light-colored.


Swell sharks are a species of cat shark, and are seen off the coast of California and down through Southern Mexico, often appearing in the waters off Chile. They are frequently found as bycatch in commercial crab and lobster traps or, in this particular scenario, unintentionally hooked by unsuspecting fishermen.

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