Doomsday Asteroid On Collision Course With Earth

A colossal asteroid measuring 1,000-meter wide is on course and will narrowly miss Earth within days, predicts NASA.

The object referred to as ‘2014-YB35 is forecasted to skim the planet on Friday traveling at over 23,000 mph in space.


It isn’t odd for small meteorites to pass nearby; however, one of this size is an extremely rare happening and poses a very actual threat.

Any collision would set off devastating climatic changes, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

Specialists warn it’s only a matter of time before an asteroid capable of life-changing damage collides with Earth.

This rock is predicted to pass within 2.8 million miles; a small distance in astronomical terms, of our planet on Friday, said NASA’s Near Earth Object Programme.

It’s estimated to be from between 500 meters and 1,000 meters wide, with 990 meters the most probably.

The object was first seen by the Catalina Sky Survey at the end of 2014 with astronomers expected to be closely monitoring its progress this week.

If it hits Earth, clouds of debris would be tossed into the environment, changing the atmosphere and potentially making Earth inhabitable for all life.

Lesser impacts would be could well be in a position of wiping out cities.

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