Drunk Woman Social Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong

In a reality check experiment around the Europe it is shocking to see how people behave with a drunken woman. Watch the video and see how people really need a psychological change in their respective attitudes towards a woman.

A female actor pretended to be drunk and the strangers got talking to her.

If this is what happens to a drunk woman in the middle of the afternoon, we can’t imagine what could have happened at night.


First of all a few men approach her and ask her to walk to the bar and drink more with her.


Then a guy gets to know more of her and tries to take her away…


Lastly a guy starts kissing her in the middle of the road.

Is that how supposed to be the behavior of guys towards a drunk woman.Who instead of helping her leave no opportunity to take advantage of her. Honestly, this video asks us to take charge of the social behavior and how we as a society need to change what we think of women in a drunken state.

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