Engineer Creates Real Life Thor Hammer

Look what’s back in the reckoning. The Mjölnir-Thor’s electrifying hammer which embraced only the deserving in the Marvel universe, is hogging the headlines once again. However, there is a twist in the tale. In this video, the strength behind handling “The Mjölnir” is not by flexing any burly muscles, rather it just turns out be an electromagnet lifted from a microwave.

Allen Pan, associated with the Sufficiently Advanced Channel of You Tube, made his way to the popular Venice Beach and confronted the onlookers with the task of lifting the renowned hammer. Unaware of the fact that a fingerprint scanner which identifies only Allen’s thumb expression to lift the well-built electromagnet that has been implanted in the hammer.

Don’t miss out on the rib-tickling prank below, which also highlights the impressive electric design that made the “majestic Mjölnir” a reality.

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