Everything You Need To Know About The Black Moon

An unusual astrological event will happen this week, as a Black Moon is set to rise in the skies above the UK.

The phenomenon will surely send space enthusiasts into frenzy; however, you too can get a piece of the scientific action.


In rare instances, the moon is illuminated by the shadow of the Earth, which makes it extremely difficult to see.

The dark cast, which falls over the celestial body, is the reason the phenomenon has become referred to as a Black Moon.

This month, Britons have as well had the opportunity to see a Harvest Moon, an event, which will not take place once more until 2024.

As a Black Moon only ever takes place when there are two new moons in the same month, the rare event only shows up every 32 months.

Based on where you reside on the globe, the Black Moon may be seen at different periods of the year.

This week, it may be witnessed in the skies of the Western Hemisphere.

People on the other side of the globe have to wait until next month to see the Black Moon that weirdly coincides around the time of Halloween.

People who were hoping to see the Black Moon from their window this weekend may be left feeling a bit let down.

As the moon is going to be overcast by a shadow, it is going to be difficult to see in the sky at all.

Another obstacle for stargazers will likely be the clouds in the heavens that may possibly obscure the event totally.

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