Ex Soldier Reveals The Secrets Behind Area 51

Bill Brooks signed up with the army in 1968, and he’s got some secrets to spill regarding Area 51’s claimed military base.

The ex-soldier has disclosed he was told the Sennelager, Germany base he was situated at was shared with a detachment of US agents who were from Area 51, the infamous alien-sighting base.

The now 66-year-old alleges he witnessed a ‘mass abduction’ and was subject to a string of mind-control tests, a source reported.


The soldier stated an agent held him at gunpoint he was and was forced to follow his comrades into a light, who were marching in a trance-like state across the base.

Brooks Bill described the man as ‘dressed in black , with chiseled blonde hair , who possibly was American , donning a little blue patch on his right sleeve’ .

Apparently, the man told him ‘walk towards the light’ and cocked his gun, and that is the last thing he recalls of that night.

When he regained consciousness, he alleges he was directed by top military agents to never speak about what he had seen and was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

However, that is not all. The guy was as well apparently put through a series of mind-control tests in the army at a secretive government military science base known as Porton Down close to Salisbury.

Bill alleges he was fed mysterious substances on a sugar lump that he thinks was LSD, and then had psychedelic episodes. Apparently, the tests involved a big black spiral moving on a white wall while two men yelled at him.

It may all sound kind of believable at this point; however, the stories of when Bill also had alien encounters at  at age 10 and once more after he left the army kind of ruins the credibility of it all.

When Bill was ten, he apparently witnessed a crop circle being made before a family of four blonde, tall aliens took him into their spacecraft and asked him if he wished to help save the world.

Once more, after he left the army, he witnessed aliens abducting a cow before he himself (and his truck) were lifted into the space ship.

Apparently, he did not recall any of this until he experienced a ‘memory download’ when he was age 44.

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