Final Proof Of The Loch Ness Monster – Caught On Camera

Tourists visiting Loch Ness in Scotland disclosed a shocking new footage, which could be the best evidence of Nessie so far.

When a black hump surfaced from the dark waters of Britain’s largest loch, as Connie Ross and her daughter Reyshell Avellanoza were taking photos, the chance was too great to let pass.


However, both were so awestruck for those crucial few seconds, their opportunity of filming a rare close-up picture of the Nessie occurrence, was gone.

Rather, they caught the aftermath as the strange object sank to just beneath the surface and moved away into the loch, leaving behind an amazing circle of disturbed water.


It was Reyshell, 29, who was having his first visit to Scotland, having flown over from the Philippines with her daughter Heather Elizabeth, 5, to visit her 73-year-old stepfather Campbell Ross, who is a retired architect and her 50-year-old mom and Campbell’s wife, Consuela.

No tour to the Highlands would be complete without a trip to Urquhart Castle and an opportunity to see the loch’s shy inhabitant.


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