Footage Of Mysterious Human Blubber Monster Surfaces Online

Weird video of an unusual human shaped sea monster swimming in the freezing waters of the Antarctic Ocean has surfaced on the internet.

It is currently being alleged that the massive humanoid shape that was filmed on an underwater camera, but swam away before it could be clearly recognized, is the legendary ‘Ningen’.


The Ningen are a Japanese legend and are said to be totally white in color and mature to approximately 20 to 30 meters.

Eyewitnesses describe them having a human-like figure, usually with arms, legs, and also 5-fingered hands. Seemingly they as well have fins or a mermaid-like tail rather than legs with their only noticeable facial features being their mouth and eyes.

The creatures that have apparently been seen in the Pacific, Antarctic, and Atlantic oceans are at all times identified as being extremely huge.

But many have debunked the Ningen theory in this particular footage, alleging the clip is phony.

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