Former NASA Employee Claims There Was Secret Manned Mission To Mars In 1979

Conspiracy forums have increased after a woman alleging to be a former Nasa worker said she had witnessed humans in Mars.

The woman called ‘Jackie’, called into Coast to Coast, which is an American radio station, confessing that she had seen men running on Mars in 1979.

Jackie stated that she was employed to take part in a ‘downstairs’ team that downloaded telemetry from a Viking Lander. That is when she spotted the humans via live feed.


Nasa hasn’t corroborated the story; however, this has not stopped conspiracy theorists from alleging it as proof for a secret space programme.

According to her, six other Nasa employees witnessed the two humans walking on Mars surface.

The mission of the Viking Mars was carried out by two spaceships. Viking 1 and Viking 2, launched just within some weeks of each other in 1970.

Each spaceship had a lander and an orbiter that traveled connected together for almost one year to reach the red planet’s orbit.

The orbiters then stated taking photos of the surface of Mars, from which a landing site was chosen. The landers soft landed after separating from the orbiters.


The orbiters went on imaging and, between Viking 1 and Viking 2 imaged the whole planet at what was then high resolution.

Nasa said that though no trace signs of life were discovered, Viking discovered all elements necessary to life on Earth; phosphorus, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, were found on Mars.

There are some issues with Jackie’s testimony, as her knowledge of technological terms appears unclear not to mention by staying unidentified it’s practically ‘impossible to make out if she actually worked for Nasa, said UFO expert and author Nigel Watson.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Nasa and other human agencies have in secret toured the red planet and set up colonies there.

Jackie’s allegation follows a weird theory by physicist Dr John Brandenburg, who is convinced that an ancient civilization on the red planet was eradicated by a nuclear attack from another race of alien.


Dr Brandenburg states that ancient Martians called Utopians and Cydonians were slaughtered in the attack, and proof of the genocide can still be witnessed nowadays.

He alleges his theory might clarify the Fermi Pradox, that is, if the universe is full of life.

Dr Brandenburg cautions, though, that we need to be fearful of an attack on planet earth, and must mount a manned mission to the Martian planet to find out what we are up against.

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