Hacker Group Vows To Keep Attacking Pokémon GO Servers

I’m certain you most likely noticed that the Pokemon GO servers were down for most of last weekend.

What you may not be aware of, is that a hacker group emerged to claim responsibility.


Allegedly, a hacker group called PoodleCorp was behind some Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, which crippled Pokemon GO’s servers.

Obviously, Pokemon GO’s servers have been experiencing the crazy number of active players since the game it was launched, so there is every chance that PoodleCorp were simply looking to make a name for themselves by claiming responsibility for a perfectly innocent crash.

But in a latest interview on YouTube, PoodleCorp representative Axo-0 stated that the group will be confirming it was them by taking down Pokemon GO once more for 24 hours on 1st August.

As stated by Axo-0, PoodleCorp is something of a hacking ‘super-group’ with members from solo hackers and Lizard Squad all joining together for ‘fun this Summer’, by stopping others from venturing out and actually enjoying themselves finding Pokemon this Summer.

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