Has NASA Found Life On Mars?

NASA is getting ready to uncover a major discovery that has raised rumor we are near to finding life on Mars.

The space agency will collect many experts to its headquarters in Washington for a briefing in which it assures to publicize it has solved a major mystery associated with the Mars.


NASA’s earlier statements have disclosed landmark discoveries, like that in July the finding of Earth-life planet Kepler-45b, outside the Solar System.

Specialists at the event include lead researcher for the Mars Exploration Program Michael Meyer and the director of planetary science at NASA Jim Green.

A theory is they will publicize microbial life Red Planet, but a more probable scenario is proof of flowing water.

Those hopes have been offered a boost by the presence of Scientist Lujendra Ojha, of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.


He first surfaced with the theory that the Red Planet has liquid salt water flowing through it during warmer seasons.

Water is an important requirement for life and such a find would considerably increase chances of extraterrestrial beings on Mars.

Until this year, it was believed the Red Planet was too cold to host water and it only had ice; however, in April it was found out that the soil was wet with liquid brine that decreases the freezing point.

That finding originated from NASA’s four-wheel drive Curiosity Rover that is now probing the barren terrain of Mars

In August Curiosity that has been based on Mars for 36 months, discovered rocks a meter under the surface having up to 4 times as much water as earlier assumed.

There has additionally been satellite pictures of what resembled an old riverbed, with circular pebbles showing flowing water was at one time there.


Latest pictures from Curiosity as well revealed dark and basaltic rocks on Mars, resulting in speculation the Mars might have also once been covered with water, which makes it biologically nearer to our globe.

US American science writer Kevin Kopas stated of that find: “This latest proof comes in support of theories by numerous researchers that the planet was at one time an Earth-like planet, with continents split by oceans, both swarming with microbial life, at least.

“The many pictures that Curiosity has taken on the Red Planet Mars that have been presented through NASA’s site, have actually prompted scientists to believe the presence of microbial fossils, and of odd alien objects.”

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