High School Teacher Arrested After Attacking Student In Class

This is the weird moment a high school teacher donning Halloween costume wrestled one of his students to the floor.

58-year-old English teacher, David Fritz has been arrested after video of the attack was shared on social media.


In the 7-minute footage, Fritz, who teaches at McClatchy High School was donning a big red hat with white spots and sunglasses, snarls before attacking one of the students who falls off his chair to the ground.

Other students laugh tensely as others scream.

The student targeted appears baffled during the incident and then expresses amusement as he falls off his seat.



Sources said that Fritz entered the class dancing and singing, but started to shout and swear.

The student alleged the teacher approached him for no known explanation and pulled him from his desk.

He stated he laughed it off at first but then told the teacher to stop.

The school placed Fritz on leave, where he has taught for twenty years, and was afterward arrested by cops on suspicion of willful meanness toward a child.



Cops suggested Fritz might have been drunk at the time.

A mugshot released by Sacramento Police showed the teacher with stripes of white and black paint on his face.

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