Hover Board A Hoax

Hoverboards may be present in films. A lot of people were persuaded they exist at present.

However, it turns out that Funny or Die, a comedy website was behind the intricate hoverboard hoax footage that hit the Internet and has since been viewed over 6 million times.


In regards to Internet hoaxes, the video promoting an actual-life hoverboard may go down as one of the most advanced ever.


What started in 2010 as a summer project at the MIT Physics Graduate Program had developed into one of the most thrilling independent products to be created out of MIT since 2001 when Yet-Ming Chiang developed the high-powered lithium-ion batteries.



The video starts with shots of a vehicle similar to the well-known Delorean from Back to the Future, the “Marty”, and a time machine character Michael J. Fox uses to travel through history. The vehicle parks and actor Christopher Lloyd exists, holding a big case written “HUVr.”



Famous people show up, which include Tony Hawk, skateboarding legend and Moby, an electro artist, attempt the machine, which looks like a stylized skateboard with no wheels and has foot straps. The footage shows a HUVr tech worker pressing a remote control switch, which lifts the board and the user off the ground.

Every individual riding the hoverboard appears slightly shaky in the beginning, before finally finding their footing.



However, the dreams of hopefuls of hoverboard came to an end as Funny or Die made apologies for the hoax in another video featuring Lloyd.

First reaction on Twitter following the video by HUVr disclosed that a few people were totally persuaded, or at least actually hoping, the hoverboards are the actual thing.


However, the concurrence that surfaced among the majority of online commentators was that the footage was intricate and persuasive hoax.

A report on Mashable was one of the first to propose Funny or Die was behind the entire thing. Still, queries keep on swirling over the point of the viral campaign.

Perhaps the huge payoff for those concerned was to witness the Internet go off in debate concerning whether the hoverboard was real.


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  • May Sun

    I saw mike Mozart have one of these thing