Huge Botfly Maggot Removed From Man’s Head

I hope you’re lunch is sitting firmly in your stomach because this is a story that’s likely to turn it. A video of a surgery has surfaced that many wish hadn’t: a man having a botfly maggot removed from his head a month after it burrowed into his scalp.Screen-Shot-2015-11-27-at-13.37.54 (1)The scalp belongs to a poor soul called Simon, who unwittingly brought the maggot home but had to wait for it to grow bigger before it could be removed safely!

Bare that fact in mind as you watch the clip which begins with the maggot seen slithering beneath the surface of Simon’s scalp.Simon’s friend sums up the whole clip quite nicely by commenting “This is seriously insane”

Yes Simon’s friend, yes it is. I’m sure most of the 14 million viewers who have seen it so far would agree and if you feel as brave as them, check it out the full video.Screen-Shot-2015-11-27-at-13.39.19

By Danny Burke




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