Huge Creepy Crawler Pulled Out Of Man’s Ear

The sickening video shows the moment a pair of tweezers was used to remove a huge creepy crawler from the inner ear of a man.

The insect that seems to be some sort of grasshopper is still alive after it was pulled out.


As it is taken out its antennae and legs can be spotted tucked against its sides before it unfolds as it surfaced from the earlobe.

How the bug got into the man’s ear to begin with is not clear.

There is, however, little doubt that both parties are pleased their ordeals have ended.


The footage comes after a skin-crawling video surfaced showing bugs living in the eyelashes of a person.

In the huge close up an insect can obviously be seen eating the skin of its unwary victim.


The YouTube clip then proceeds to show what seem to be several other spots infested in the lashes and also eggs ready to hatch.

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