Husband Pregnant With Wife’s Baby

A transgender man has disclosed he is pregnant by his transgender female partner.

Diane Rodriguez is a transwoman aged 33 who used to be a man.


Diane Rodriguez, 33, (right) and her boyfriend Fernando Machado, 22, (left)

She and her 22-year-old transman lover Fernando Machado, who used to be a woman, met on social media 2 years back.

And currently, their dreams are coming true as they are planning to become the first transgender couple in Ecuador to get a child.

Machado, from Venezuela, is 3 months pregnant and moved to live with Diane in Equador after meeting her on the internet.



The couple took to Facebook to publicize their wonderful news.

Neither Fernando nor Diane has gone through operation during their gender reassignment procedure, so getting pregnant was still possible.

Upon stating their decision to be transgender, Fernando was supported by his family members after explaining that he did not feel at ease being a woman.


But Diane was cast off by her loved ones and even had a spell being homeless.

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