ISIS Is Using Child Suicide Bombers

Video has surfaced showing the arrest of a boy believed to be as young as twelve who cops think was planning to carry bomb attack on behalf of Islamic State militants.

Footage of the arrest shows Iraqi security forces taking out a suicide vest from the youngster.


The clip shows him appearing to burst into tears as he is caught by cops in Kirkuk, Iraq.

The explosives vest was afterward blown up in a controlled explosion.

It’s not clear whether the young boy planned to execute the attack himself or was driven into it by ISIS.

New information has surfaced suggesting the boy was abducted by masked men who placed the explosive vest on him.

Hours earlier, a suicide bomber detonated himself in front of a Shia shrine in Kirkuk, wounding three people.


The attack followed another suicide bombing in the same locality, which resulted in no casualties.

On Saturday, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated an Islamic State child suicide bomber as young as twelve was responsible for an attack on a Kurdish wedding where 51 people were killed.

At least twenty-two of the victims were under the age of fourteen, a government official stated.

Islamic State militants have deployed child suicide bombers to stage attacks in both Syria and Iraq.

Among the deadliest attacks was a bombing at a stadium south of Baghdad on March 25th, 2016 during youth soccer match.

The bomber, thought be a teen, detonated his explosives as officials were awarding trophies to players after the match, taking away the lives of 29 and injuring sixty.


Islamic State claimed responsibility and released a picture of the assailant where he seems to be around sixteen years old, according to sources.

Almost half of those slain were as well kids, cheering from the stands or taking part in the game.

The UN’s children’s agency, UNICEF, stated in a latest report that thousands of kids have been kidnapped in Iraq.

Girls, the group states, are at biggest risk of being sold into sexual slavery while boys are usually forced into becoming suicide bombers or fighters.

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