Justin Bieber Gets Bullseye Tattooed On His Back

It is no secret Justin Bieber, 20, is a fan of tattoos, and he is receiving his newest one in new teaser footage for his forthcoming Comedy Central roast.

Only Justin turns out to be a walking target as he has no idea it is a huge bulls eye that was being tattooed on his back.


The pop star is seated backward in a chair, resting his head on his arms as he goes through the process.

The footage opens with a close-up, showing the singer from the front and emphasizing his inked sleeves and the tattoos on his chest. In the background, his hit tune, Boyfriend, is playing.

Bieber can then be spotted from the back, where a brightly colored bull’s eye is being given its final touches.

He then lifts up his head to ask about the progress of the artist.



The roast of Bieber on Comedy Central is being hosted by Kevin Hart, a renowned actor and comedian, with comedians Jeff Ross and Hannibal Buress as well joining in the fun.

32-year-old Hannibal is a stand-up comic and actor while 49-year-old Ross is a frequent on the show and is most widely known as the Roast Master General for his no holds barred routines.

On 14th March, Sony Studios will host the roast, just 14 days after Bieber’s 21st birthday on 1st March.

The video comes weeks after the release of a video, where the pop star is being struck with eggs.

It spoofs the 2014 incident where Bieber faced vandalism charges for throwing eggs at neighbor’s house.

In the video, the shirtless singer is at first bragging, flexing his pecs, and looking at how his hair looks.

But then he steps back, raises his arms, and all of a sudden eggs begin smashing into his chest, as he grimaces on impact.

Last month, when roast was made known, Bieber was fast to tweet his excitement.

‘For a long time, I have wanted Comedy Central to roast me. They said only is I gave them more material so for one year now I have worked hard.’



And he surely has. From his legal frustration to a Calvin Klein commercial to that bleach-blonde hair, Bieber’s past year is ready for spoof.

But he lately said in a YouTube clip that he was more pleasant compared with what he was perceived to be.

After showing up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bieber said: ‘It has been a minute since I have been in a Public appearance, and I did not want to come off proud or mainly how I have been acting the past one and a half years.


‘And there were many feelings going on in there. Just being young and maturing in this business is hard. Just becoming an adult generally is difficult.’

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