Justin Bieber’s New Song

It’s time for Bieber haters to get their grin back. To their utter delight, the irksome popstar has vowed to punch him right in his pathetic face if people don’t show their love for his new song.


Still pinching yourself over what you just read. Well, you don’t need to anymore because the baby-face popstar is already turning heads to his instagram page where he is all set to wreck havoc on himself if his loyal fans don’t approve of ‘Sorry’, his new single. This man’s surely got some guts!

In an Instagram page, Bieber came up with following line under the caption “Lol”:


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

“If you don’t like sorry I will punch myself in the face repeatedly”.

“Lol”? It seems like the 21-year old singer has gone overboard with his emotions this time around. People would be happier if rather than making just mincing words; Bieber would actually punch himself in the face.

However, this eventful incident is quite unlikely on the cards as the die-hard Bieber fans never puke on his creations.

But one thing’s for sure that all this songs, in spite of being ears bleeders, do stick up in the head.

For the moment, all eyes are set on the coveted superstar, if he goes about delivering on his promise or not. If he does, then the whole episode would be a treat to watch, unless of course he films it.

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