Kylie Jenner’s Stalker Caught Breaking Into Her House

Kylie Jenner had a bad time getting surprises these holidays.

After we heard about Selena Gomez being stalked, it is now Kylie who is getting stalked by a guy who is trying to break in Kylie’s mansion.

TMZ has reported that he was arrested for doing so and was forced under 72 hour psychiatric hold.

The guy is a repeated offender and has no intention of stopping even after getting arrested. If sources are to be believed, the guy calls himself a soul mate of Kylie! We didn’t see that one coming.


Owing a mansion at the age of 17 and rising to fame so quickly has its own consequences. The Kardarshian-Jenner family employs top security and deals with these incidences on regular basis.

Let’s hope that people realize that celebrities are also human beings and respect their personal space.


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