Liam Payne Makes Fun Of Zayn For Quitting One Direction For Good

One Direction has momentarily turned into a 4-some while 22-year-old Zayn Malik, is handling some personal problems back in Britain. While Directioners are taking this matter to heart, 21-year-old Liam Payne wants everybody to know that it is going to be fine; he attempted to make light of the scenario with a playful photo.


Liam attempted to make a humorous by covering the face of Zayn in a One Direction promo picture.

His try of lightening up the scenario comes days after Zayn left the band to mend things with his fiancé Perrie Edwards after she thought he cheated on her in Thailand.

Liam’s humorous tweet will hopefully put most Directioner’s mind to ease. Previously in the day, rumors were circulating regarding perhaps quitting One Direction for good.



“At one time he is persuaded he wants to leave. He is finding it all too much and wants out,” said a source close to Zayn.

“Zayn’s legal team is seeing what the scenario is. There is a strong possibility he will have to fulfill his obligations and he may change his mind the moment he has had time away from the limelight,” the source added. “However, as it stands he is not keen to go on.

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