Man Goes Deaf After Eating The Spiciest Noodle Known To Man

A YouTube star making a clip regarding the hottest noodle dish in the world went temporarily deaf after attempting the food.

Ben Sumadiwiria, who manages the Awesome Eats channel, alleged the dish, called mampus, or ‘death noodles’, was the hottest available for purchase commercially worldwide.


The noodles used a hundred Bird’s eye chilies and were sold in a backstreet eatery in Jakarta, Indonesia.

During the clip featuring the tasting, Ben is seen removing his jacket after consuming several mouthfuls of the meal.

He then leaves his seat, dizzy and sweating, and ingested many cups of water and ice cubes.

‘Death noodles’ have a Scoville rating, meant for measuring the heat of chilies, of twenty million, in comparison to the hottest single chili globally, the Caroline Reaper that rates 1.57 million on the Scoville scale. Contrary, Tabasco sauce is only 50,000 Scoville units and jalapeños vary from only 1,000 to 20,000 Scoville units.


The active constituent of chilies is capsaicin that is an irritant to mammals. Along with producing a burning sensation on flesh, it comes into contact with; it can as well result in tissue swelling in the lining of the intestines or stomach in massive doses.

However, taken in moderation, in normal meals, capsaicin is believed to possess health benefits.

A study carried out in 1980 discovered a 150lb human would have to consume at least 2.8lb of the hottest chilies in one sitting for the peppers to have a deadly effect.

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