Man Has His Hand Growing On His Foot

A Chinese man severed hand was successfully re-attached by doctors. For a month, it had been attached to his ankle.

After an accident at work, Xiao Wei’s right hand got cut off.


After being rushed to a local hospital in Changde, in Hunan province, China, the doctors did not manage to save his hand.

However, they referred him to the bigger regional health facility where he could get help.


He arrived at the hospital he had been referred, seven hours after the accident.

Doctors at the hospital were optimistic they could fix his hand; however, they could not perform the procedure immediately. Therefore, the hand was attached to his ankle, to prevent it from dying.


The severed hand had been ripped off badly and was also flattened, so the doctors had to treat and clean the injuries before surgery to re-attach it the leg.


After one month, Xiao’s health had improved for surgery to take place.

Xiao would be required to go through some operations, and doctors are certain that Xiao will use his hand again.

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