Man Sells His Daughter For An iPhone

A man in China has been put behind bars after selling his 18-month-old daughter for an iPhone.

Sources say, the man, who is only recognized as ‘A Duan’, sold his daughter on the social media website QQ, after finding a purchaser who paid $3,500 for the child.


The dad allegedly sold the little one without the mother’s permission in 2015 after finding he could do this while in an internet cafe.

Seemingly, the man wanted to purchase an iPhone and a motorbike with the money, and the child was the consequence of an unwanted teen pregnancy.

It is believed that the baby is still living with the family of the buyer as the birth parents are unable to entirely care for her because of financial problems.


Fujian Province

The child’s mom was as expected distressed and fled the city before being caught by cops.

Sources say both seller and buyer handed themselves to cops soon after the transaction.

Taking pity on their challenges, the judge handed down a 3-year sentence to the child’s dad, while the mother, who is presently looking after her crippled parents, was handed a thirty month suspended sentence.

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