Man Weighs Over 1000 Pounds–Shocking Weight-loss Story

A Saudi man cut down over 700lbs, over half his body weight, since the king of Saudi Arabia ordered the man hospitalized in August, according to an interview on him at the hospital by a Saudi magazine.


In August, Saudi’s King Abdullah ordered Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari, who then weighed 1,345lbs, to go through treatment in the capital, Riyadh. Estimated to be in his late teens, Shaari was not able to move himself and was moved from Jazan in southern Saudi Arabia.



Head of the medical team keeping track of Shaari’s treatment, Dr Aa’ed al-Qahtani, in a recent interview, told Sayidaty magazine that his health was continuing to recover at a stable rate. He added that Shaari had decreased swelling, improved lung and heart function and improved muscle strength, including feet movement.




A huge customized wheelchair had been made to assist Shaari get more mobile, and help in his physical therapy.  Shaari still could not move alone and required the use of a computerized pulley to sit on a chair. Before being moved on a forklift from his house, Shaari had stayed for three years without leaving his bed.





In images published in the magazine, which had launched campaign awareness against obesity, Shaari was shown smiling and holding a triumph sign. Doctors said that his morale had always been high. Shaari was dubbed the “smiling man” by the managing director of King Fahd Medical City, Dr Abdeljabbar al-Yamani.

His mother had been staying with him at the hospital since admission.


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