Man’s Beer Belly Turns Out To Be Cancerous Tumor

Craig Rutherford, 41, thought he was just adding on weight and getting some beer belly.

It was only after his companion nagged him to visit a doctor that he discovered he had a 28lb tumor that could have killed him.


Medics used a bin to hoist the tumor that weighed more than thirteen bags of sugar, after taking it out from him.

Craig, a tire fitter, was shocked to learn his ‘beer tummy’ was a cancerous tumor.

He has a rare condition referred to as familial adenomatous that killed his father in 1983.

It was found after wife Linda Differ insisted he must see a medic.

A specialist informed Craig he had never witnessed anything like it. The tumor had coiled around the tube between his bladder and his kidney.

Craig has his father’s names, James, tattooed on his arm, and hopes the problem hasn’t been transferred to his son Callum, who is age 6.

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