Meet The New Kim Kardashian

Are you still rubbing your eyes in astonishment? Well, it’s certainly not your fault. Everyone is going berserk over Kim Kardashian‘s doppelganger. Kamilla Osman has fitted the bill so convincingly that no one is able to move their eyes off her. The lookalike of the queen of reality is residing in Toronto and earning her bread as a fashion designer and blogger.


She may not be an instant hit on Instagram like Kim but Kamilla definitely knows how to grab eyeballs, as only spelling her name with a K has got her over 75,000 fans. Her account came into existence only three months ago.


No matter how people flat people are falling over her resemblance to Kim, the raven-hair beauty appears just a die-hard fan of the Kanye West’s wife.

Kamilla has perfected nearly all the gimmicks of the reality-star like her contouring. She has clicked her face from all angles depicting the close resemblance she shares with the 35-year-old American actress.


Kamilla also shares the same love for photos and selfies, but also relishes being in her own skin, as she confessed in one make-up free selfie.

One more particular thing about Kim’s lookalike is her style statement which even Kim could be proud of. She has adapted the Kardashian look without much hindrance, be it her clothing choice or selecting tight body con dresses and daring crop tops.

Her stunning curves and tiny waist appears amazing when she flaunts her body in white, black, grey and camel.

Kamilla has even perfected the art of speaking the same way as Kim does.

The Canada-based social media star says in one clip: “My skin got so dry this winter and it’s just like are you kidding me?

Look at this.

No matter how much I moisturize it, it’s still dry.”

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