Meet The Next Taylor Swift

Taylor 1Have you even yearned to be in the shoes of a celebrity but a thought constantly looms at the back of your mind that you are such a misfit. What if you were told that you could be anything- just ask Olivia Sturgess if you don’t believe.

As per Upqoxx, the Aussie first came to know of her resemblance to Swift when an anxious fan asked for a picture and autograph from her. Sturgess was naturally overwhelmed and this was when she began highlighting her personality traits to those of Swift- such as her hair, wardrobe, and makeup and most importantly went heavy on Swift’s signature red lipstick. The Target cashier gets swarmed regularly for pictures and autographs.

taylor 2

Sturgess recently got lucky when she was offered backstage passes to see her doppelganger in concert. It was certainly a dream come true moment for her when she finally met her idol who already knew Sturgess’ growing Instagram reputation.


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