Meet The Worlds Bendiest Man

A contortionist has displayed his ability to bend his body into some amazing postures.

68-year-old pensioner, Mbah Bejan is so stretchy he can fold his body in two and squeeze into a pipe just fifty centimeters in diameter.


Other amazing postures are ‘the roasted chicken’, where he lies on his back, swivels his knees through one hundred eighty degrees and places his feet flat on his tummy, along with the cobra, where he lies face down and presses his calves to his side.

He does have a known medical illness and found his weird abilities at age eleven fishing with pals.

Mbah had by accident pierced his foot with a thorn on the river bank and also sprained his leg to his mouth at an unachievable position.



His pals couldn’t believe what they witnessed, and believed he had hurt himself quite terribly.

It took his friends some time to realize not only that he was not hurt, but that he as well had a special ability.

Mbah began flaunting his talents in the open in the mid-70s when he was in his twenties, and made money from his incredible physical acts.






Up to now the pensioner can tuck both his feet under his chin and even alleges that that he does not feel any discomfort in his legs.

Though he retired from show business in 2001, Indonesian Mbah remains a celeb in his home province and is more than pleased to execute his tricks for anybody who asks him.

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