Mike Tyson Video May Prove Time Travel Is Real

A bizarre video from a 1995 Mike Tyson fight, shows what seems to show a fan using a smartphone to film the bout a full 5 years before the first camera was released in 2000.

Online professionals at the moment are speculating that the fan might be a time traveling tourist who came back to watch Mike Tyson during his fight with Peter McNeeley in Las Vega.


In the clip we see the boxer getting ready for his fight while the fan stands up in the masses holding an object and seems to film the fight inside the ring on a smartphone.

The footage was first posted on YouTube back in September 2015, but has resurfaced as people attempt to explain what is taking place.

Sources say, ‘JammyBantam’ the YouTuber who released the clip, the object seems to have a lens in the center similar to a smartphone and is unexplainable.


Having said that, he did confess that he ‘did not know’ if it was a time traveler or not, but believed that the camera was unexplainable.

Fortunately, the internet’s most esteemed paranormal researcher Scott C Waring was able to confirm that this was without a doubt a time traveler.

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