Mom Gets Eaten Alive By 100 Stray Dogs In Front Of Her Son

A 65-year-old mom was mauled to death by a pack of a hundred stray dogs who ripped parts of her legs and arms off while she frequented her local beach.

As stated by witnesses the tragic mother, named as Siluvamma, was strolling on the beach in Pulluvila in Kerala, south India, when the attack happened.


The large pack of dogs set upon the defenseless woman and her son Selvan attempted to rescue his mom, but was forced to flee by jumping into the sea.

He was helpless to save his mom after a few of the dogs chased after him and informed reporters: ‘My mom went to the beach at night.

‘As she didn’t come back, I went out in search of her.

‘What I found was shocking. She was being attacked by over more than 100 stray dogs. She was bleeding in all parts of her body.


By the time her child and others finally forced to dogs to retreat, his mom had already been bitten many of times and witnesses alleged parts of her legs and arms had been bitten off.

The mother was rushed to a local hospital but passed away en route, a source reports.

In the meantime, just minutes after the heartbreaking incident, a 52-year-old woman called Daisy was as well attacked by stray dogs on the same seafront.

The untamed dogs reside near the beach since they feed on raw meat that is left there.

The state of Kerala has a high population of stray dogs and a minimum of 100,000 people have been assaulted by them.


In 2015, the state government authorized for the mass slaughter of stray dogs, resulting in the culling of roughly 50,000 of the animals.

In spite of worldwide outrage, the government had declined to ban the practice.

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